Startup Visa Business Plan – a Must for Success!

Many great business ideas are born in environments which are not favorable to their proper development. It may be due to lack of access to proper markets, government restrictions or the state’s failure to provide a proper business environment. In fact, it may be due to a great variety of factors. However, such business ideas are now provided with a second chance to a good life. In today’s international business environment, there are quite a few countries which are offering start-up visas. The key to a visa is always a good start-up visa business plan.

The concept is simple – well developed countries offer this kind of visa to up-and-coming entrepreneurs which are in the start-up phase of their business and are looking to find a proper environment for its development. Some of the most prominent countries that offer such visas are the ones that are members of the EEA, simply because their EEA membership immediately offers entrepreneurs access to a large, powerful market on which to promote their products or services.

One of the most interesting propositions comes in 2019 in fact from the UK, which even under the vail of the coming Brexit has opened its Start-Up Visa program to new applications on March 29th, with really interesting and favorable conditions – open to non-graduates and no minimum capital required to name just a few. In fact, the new program focuses a lot more on the quality of the business idea identifiable by three different vectors – innovation, viability and scalability, rather than on specific training or resources held by the applicant.

Taking the above into consideration, in my opinion, the United Kingdom offers these days an unmissable opportunity to non-EEA resident entrepreneurs that should really consider starting to draw up their start-up visa business plan. As great business ideas usually come from people really focused on their sector, their slice, maybe it’s a good idea to summon the help of experienced professionals, such as Continuous Business Planning. Such business services agencies provide either reviewing services for existing business plans or are able to even draw up a business plan from scratch based on the entrepreneur’s idea.

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