It Was Free to Fix a Very Simple Problem

My grandmother called me crying one day. Her dishwasher had leaked all over her floor. I have no idea why anyone has carpet in their kitchen, but she does. She was scared that her carpeting was ruined permanently. I told her to hold tight and I would be right over to help. Before I left, I called a company that does major appliance repair in Sacramento and asked them if they could meet me at her place. I figured that I would not be able to handle fixing the dishwasher on my own because I am no good at fixing anything that has a motor in it.

On the way over to my grandmother’s, I stopped by a major store that rents wet/dry vacuums. I was able to rent one for only $25.00 per hour. This helped me to suck up all of the water that had seeped down into the carpeting rather easily. Grandma has several fans because she loves how the breeze from the fans creates movement in her drapes each year. She also feels that fans are less expensive than using the air conditioning and that it saves her a lot of money. I opened up the windows in the kitchen, and then I set up the fans to run and help dry the carpeting.

Soon after I had gotten up most of the water in the kitchen, the appliance repair technician arrived. It was perfect timing. As soon as he opened up the dishwasher, he noticed that the seal around the door was loose. He said he suspected that was the problem. However, he said that he wanted to look more thoroughly to make sure. In the end, the seal that had moved out of place was the cause. He put it back into place in seconds. He didn’t even charge us for the cost to show up to do it!

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