I Wanted His Name off of Me

When I started dating this guy, I thought he was going to be in my world forever. I honestly thought he was the one, and I wanted to show the world what he meant to me. I had his name tattooed on my shoulder. His name is Evan, so I had Evan’s Girl tattooed where everyone can see it. The only problem is Evan turned out to be a dud. He left me just a few months after my tattoo. I did not even think at first to look for a place that does laser tattoo removal near me.

I was just heartbroken, and I really did not give my tattoo much thought. I was more concerned about my heart rather than my shoulder. Once that hurt started to decrease though, I was mortified about going through life with his name tattooed on me. I wore clothes that would cover it up at first, but I still had to see it every single day myself. I had heard about places where it is possible to get a tattoo removed, so I went online to see if any of those places were close to me.

I was so happy when I found a place that is less than an hour from me. I would have traveled a lot further to have this tattoo removed, but it was nice that it was so close since I had to go back a few times. I didn’t even care about any pain that would be involved, but there was none. Everything was done by laser, and on my final trip there, I was so relieved to see that I would no longer have to look at that tattoo. I am a lot smarter now when it comes to both men and what I put on my body!

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