I Finally Got That Car on the Road

Of course I was always doing it for sentimental reasons. The car is not really worth all of the time, money and trouble that I put in it, but it was the car that my grandfather drove when I was a little kid and it is a really big deal to me. Of course when I was putting the new engine in it I kind of wrenched my back and that threw off the schedule quite a bit. I ended up going to see a Peoria chiropractor, but it took a good bit of wasted time before I realized that was what I needed to do. At first I was just hoping that it would fix itself, as a lot of things will do if you just leave them be for a time. However that did not happen and all of the other stuff did not fix the underlying problem. I was swallowing tylenol by the handful, but I got to thinking that may not be good for you. Obviously I am scared of the stronger pain medicines, with all of the havoc they are causing in this part of the world.

At any rate I got the back fixed and then I finished up the job the next weekend. At least I have all of the mechanical stuff done and I got a guy in Cedar Rapids to fix up all of the chrome parts on that car. They look nice and shiny, but I am going to get the car painted before I put them back on. I did go by and get it inspected yesterday. The guy who owned the garage tried to buy it off of me. In fact he told me that his Dad had driven a car like that forty some years ago. I did not really contemplate his offer.

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