I Am Going to Start a New Business

Solar Direct Certificates and Licenses, Highly Qualified Solar Energy ... I am getting ready to start my own business at 23 years old. I am going to start a company that clears clogged up drains and also run a sewer inspection camera. I had to get both done when I bought my house and it cost me a lot of money. I came into some money so I would like to invest that for the two machines that I need. The machines will cost me around 7,500 dollars but I think after the first year I will have the machines paid off. I should make a hundred dollars each call or more and I know two contractors that will give me references when people need to clear their drains. Most people do not know they should get their sewer inspected when they buy a house. I wish I had done that but I ended up fixing it myself for around 50 dollars. I plan on advertising on Facebook and craigslist.

When I had to call a plumber out to snake my main sewer line four times in the first year I owned my house. Finally, I had a guy with a sewer inspection camera come out and locate the problem. The problem was a broken clay tile. I got lucky and was able to borrow a backhoe for no cost. I would eventually like to buy a backhoe and also fix the sewer lines. I was quoted 3,500 to get it repaired and I fixed it in three hours. My sewer line was an easy fix but still that is over a thousand dollars an hour. I need to do some more research about how to go about getting a business license and insurance. I am pretty sure I will not need to have a plumber’s license but I am not sure.

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