Had to Have My Back Worked on

I finally figured out where I had to go to get my back fixed, yesterday I went to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic and after they got around to me they finally fixed my back. The chiropractor told me which ones of my vertebra were not where they were supposed to be, although the words that came from his mouth meant nothing to me. At any rate he got me on the table and did some stuff, which was a bit scary when you know that things can go really bad in these things. It was over in a little while however. He apparently succeeded in moving the bones around to where they were supposed to be. When I got up off the table I could move around just fine. Of course the real test was going to bed and trying to get up out of it this morning. Whatever is wrong with my back would get a lot worse when I laid in the bed all night.

For about a week and a half I have been having to get up half an hour early before I go to work. That was how long it was taking me to get my back loosened up. It would be really stiff in the morning. I would put heating pads on it and then I would take a long hot shower. In a normal morning I could get in and out of the shower in about five minutes, that is how you like to cut it close on getting out of bed. Normally I could be out of bed and in the office in the span of about twenty five minutes, if it all went the way it should. So this was really annoying since I liked to lay in bed when I could.

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