Getting a Premium Price for Scrap Iron

When my husband lost his job, we did not think that it would take him very long to get a new one. Well, we didn’t figure in that there would be a lot of other people out there in the same boat, so it took almost a month of nonstop looking before he began bringing in a paycheck again. We had to figure out what to do to get by, and we came up with a lot of different things actually. He had searched for the best scrap iron price per pound in our area, because we had a lot of scrap iron laying around.

It was one of those things where we were going to get to it one day, but that day came a lot sooner than we expected it. Thankfully, we had a lot of scrap metals, mostly iron, and he was able to find the best price for it in our area thanks to a website that he looked at. All he had to do was click on a link to find all of the scrap dealers in our area, and then he was able to compare the prices of the different dealers.

This really helped us a lot, because the reason we had been hanging onto it so long was because we did not want to deal with the local scrap yard. They are really nice, but they have never paid top dollar in the past. Looking at this site showed my husband just how low they were paying, and also that he could travel just an hour away and get a premium price for everything. He loaded up the truck a couple of times and did this, and the money that he got from it more than helped us get caught up with a lot of the bills that were getting behind because of him losing his job.

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