Data Usage for Market Choice

The data value from a consultant company that was hired for the juice company that employs me was used to determine which of a few new flavors should be brought to the market. These flavors were being tested among the public through a taste test to determine which ones had the best chance of being a hit among the general public. We thought this would be a good idea instead of simply bringing a new flavor to market, because there is a chance that the market will not like a flavor, and if they don’t, then any money put into marketing and selling it will be a total waste.

Out of all of the flavors that were tested, the new peach berry flavor resonated the most with the people. Both people in the city and suburb areas were tested for these taste tests, and both gave similar results for their top choice. The second choice for the city, which was a pineapple banana blend, was the third choice for the suburbs, and the coconut mango, which was a third choice for the city, as a second choice for the suburb. It was interesting to see the variation between the second and third choices.

Since the peach berry flavor was the clear winner, the company made plans to start selling it in stores. We’re producing large size bottles of the juice, as well as smaller sizes for personal use. The smaller sizes can be transported around more easily, and will be able to fit inside vending machines along side regular soft drinks. Our customers will see these options as a healthier alternative to the soft drinks and purchase those. We’ll look back at the other two flavors in the future to determine if they should be brought to the market again.

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