An Important Lesson on the Road

Teaching my son to drive has been an experience I’ll never forget, and I’m sure neither will he. One day while on the road, we come to a red light at a four way intersection and stop the car. We’re sitting there waiting for the light to turn green, and a car turns from one of the other lanes and hits our car. Our airbags go off and we survive the accident a little shaken up. After making sure my son was fine, I started looking on my phone for an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento. We were lucky that the car wasn’t damaged further, or we might have been crushed.

The driver of the other car blamed us for the accident, saying that our car wasn’t in our lane fully, and that the car moved a little to get in the way of his car, neither of which was true. I knew there would be no way of convincing the driver that he was at fault without legal help, so we just exchanged information and I drove my son and I back home. I was worried that the car would shut off in the middle of the street, but it got us home safely. The next day we went to the doctor to make sure that we hadn’t sustained any serious injuries from the accident.

I talked with the attorney back and forth to give him information about the accident that occurred and he was able to get traffic footage from the intersection where it happened. The footage clearly showed that my car was completely in the correct lane and it did not move while the other car was making its turn. This same footage was shown to the other driver and his attorney, and we were able to come to a settlement agreement where the driver would pay for the damages to my car and for our hospital bills.

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